Man, It’s Hot!

It’s consistently in the 100-teens in Lake Havasu and there’s no escaping it.  Night time lows are in the upper 80′s, low 90′s, so waking up at the crack of dawn and getting to the dig site by 6:00 am has little-to-no advantage.

placer gold, fine gold with pickers

4/10 of a gram and 112 degrees!

So it figures that on what just might be my last prospecting trip of the season, due to extreme heat,  I have a very good outing…for me.  I ended the 4+ hour gold digging adventure with 4/10 of a gram!  Lots of fines and 6 little pickers!   One tenth of a  gram an hour certainly works for me!  With monsoon season just around the corner, bringing with it high humidity (60% humidity is  high for Arizona, especially when  it’s in the 100-teens), it will be tough to make it back into the desert to continue on with a fruitful new placer gold spot, that has, to date, yielded over 3 grams!  I am certainly gold bug bitten, but I hate to admit that the common sense bug will probably prevail.  We’ll see how long the extreme temps can keep me away from a nice gold producing spot.  I’m also very curious to see if leaving behind my bucket with a big rock on top deters others from digging in my well-excavated gully.  I hope desert prospecting courtesy works!  To date, I have surpassed my 2012 totals and I still have 6 months left until the end of the year.  This is shaping up to be my best year yet!  I suppose this is evidence that experience is the best teacher!  I’m sure I have made close to 100, if not slightly more, gold prospecting trips since I began in late 2010.

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