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Divining Intervention

It’s now springtime, 2013, and I have re-visited many of my old dig sites.  The “Big Hill” has yielded close to another two grams and the old “Swimming Pool” location has accounted for close to another gram, while “Black Rock Canyon” gave up only a few tenths of a gram.  While digging at the Swimming Pool location, I often encountered a couple “snow birds” (retired, winter visitors to Lake Havasu),

tom and tom the dowser

Tom and Tom

Tom and Tom.  I had met the first Tom last season, but had not been acquainted with his new partner, Tom.  Tom #1 had told me about his friend and how he was a “dowser” .  I am, generally speaking, pretty open-minded and had heard about dowsers being able to locate buried gold, but had never encountered anyone who claimed to have this capability.  A dowser uses divining rods and a lot of faith and / or focus to accomplish the feat of locating gold.  Kind of a mind over matter situation.  I had asked Tom #1 about the success rate of Tom the dowser and he stated he was about 60% accurate.  When encountering other prospector friends in the desert, I had asked them what they thought their success rate was (success of finding gold, regardless of quantity), without the aid of dowsing and the consensus was, including my own experiences, the same 60%, plus or minus a few percentage points.  One day, I actually tested Tom the dowser, by asking him to work his divining rods over a pan of concentrates I was getting ready to wash out, as well as a small bucket of concentrates.  He said there would not be any gold in the pan, but there was gold in the bucket of concentrates.  I panned out the concentrates in the pan and there was gold in it.  I figured I’d try it again and dumped another pan full of concentrate from the bucket and asked him to dowse the pan and bucket again.  He predicted the pan would have gold and that there was still some gold left in the bucket of concentrates.  This time he was correct on both accounts.  So there you have it, in my test, Tom was correct 66% of the time.  In conclusion, myself and all my prospecting buddies figured to be about 60-something % accurate locating gold without dowsing and Tom the dowser had an accuracy rate that was about the same.  Although Tom did illustrate an ability to be a dowser, the results were no greater than the rest of us, who did not dowse.  Despite that, I was still impressed by Tom’s dowsing ability!